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Orthodox icons have had a rich history in inspiring the imagination of devout believers throughout the centuries. Our icons are painted by eggs tempera only with naturale pigments on the speacial wood board and covered real gold.
An icon is always written on a well prepared board dried in natural conditions for more than 10 years. It is usually Tilia, carved with a recess ("kovcheg" or "ark")in the center, then covered with smooth but absorbent gesso - named Levkas.  We are making our own paints using minerals, semi-precious stones (lasurite, malachite, dioptase, azurite, vivianite and others). Ancient traditions of Byzantine, Greek and Russian masters are studied in the studio. An icon of any size, from very small to large iconostases, can be written for you according to your order and your home can be beautified by namesake and family icons

you can check short  video about our technology here

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