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The classes are for all levels, from beginners to professional iconographers from all over the world. English and Russian language.

  For futher information, please contact us by e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or you can find us on Facebook - EKATERINA DAINEKO. Our facebook page

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  The main goal of the course is to help the students to acquire, develop and improve good practical icon-painting skills. During this training under the guidance of   two tutors each student is supposed to create oneicon (19.5 x 25 cm). There will also be a great opportunity for every student to observe the process of creating an icon by a skilled icon-painter and to learn gilding process.
We hope that both beginners and experts will find this course useful.
Day 1 (practice). Creating the icons by the tutorsicon-painters while the students are drawing their sketches on boards at thesame time.
Day 2 (practice). Students complete their drawings, coverit with shellac and varnish PF.
Day 3 (theory). The tutor icon-painter is creating the second sample’ icon in front of the audience; students have the opportunity to observe each stage of work.
Day 4 (theory and practice). Finishing the tutors icon. GILDING process .
Day 5 (practice). Roskrysh, sankir.
Day 6 (practice). Clothes, falls.
Day 7-8 (practice). Disclosure of the face.
Day 9-(practice). Drawing of the details.
Day 10 (practice). Generalization of the image.Linseed oil.



We are working as icon-painters about 20 years.

At this time we have painted icons, iconostasis and fresco for many churches and people in Belarus, Russia, Europe , USA, Canada , Lebanon and Japan .

The list of the most important works you can see at the part named ABOUT US {source}
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